Jan 312015

So I met this really cute guy at a friend's concert and ended up going back with him to his place. He was chill, had some piercings, whooshy blond hair, skinnny jeans - he was essentially my ideal man. We fooled around and it was a pretty standard drunk, gay, slumber party - aside from when he started to penetrate me with his big toe (while completely unexpected, was not at all bad).After a couple hours of cock sucking and anal sexing, we ended up spooning for a while until the conversation shifted to his work at Green Peace. Well, something snapped at that moment and he started yelling at me about how people disrespect the Earth, mistreat animals, and that nobody really cares except for him. He then began to weep uncontrollably into my chest hair and slam his hands against my sternum (imagine an incredibly melodramatic death scene in a movie). This nonsense went on for twenty minutes until I broke out of his crazy clutches and fled. I tried to calm him down a bit but his behavior was absolutely absurd and... well, fuck that shit.TLDR; To be covered in a man's semen and tears is an absolutely harrowing experience.

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Jan 312015

Friday night we had had an active session in bed after a night at the club but the next morning, Colin was up out of bed without any indication thathe was interested in a repeat. That was strange in itself as Colin had avery active libido and usually after a hot session like last night, he wasready for another go. I found him in the kitchen making coffee. He gave mea perfunctory kiss. He seemed a little quiet for him and acted as if therewas something on his mind. We ate breakfast with only a few words as weread the Globe and Mail on our iPads. Not totally unusual but he seemeddistant as if he were miles away.His first word set me back. He called me James. He had been the one who,after a few months of intimacy, had told me that James was too formal andhe wanted to call me Jamie. It had caught on with all my friends."James, I have some news for you." He paused as if trying to find the rightwords. "I have been offered a new job and I have accepted it.""Wonderful! I hope it is a promotion. You have been working hard these lastmonths and I hope now I shall see more of you." He had had a lot of latenights at work and several weekends out of town on company business.There was a look on his face; he hadn't told me everything. "The look on your face tells me that there is more."

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Chad Coxx: Introduction!

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Jan 302015

So this is my first of what I hope will become regular blog posts!I kind of fell into being a cam model. Someone I used to date was a cam model, and he wanted to do couples shows..I found that i really enjoyed interacting with people anonymously via cam. It has been my experience that people generally are more uninhibited and unapologetic in what they want and what they like. After we broke up i didnt really think about camming much, and then randomly last week through a series of random clicks while searching for porn ( I am shameless and proud of being quite the pornography connoisseur) and it just so happens that my schedule was pretty wide open , so Why not?! So far I have nothing but great things to say about my experience. The site really allows me to be in control of my future here, It's great to get paid and complimented for hanging out naked and fulfilling fantasies of the viewers, and most importantly all of my customers have been so so cool and down to earth. I have truly enjoyed every conversation and private show. I am so excited to continue building relationships with my viewers, and hopefully they are equally as excited to get to know me!

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Jan 302015

A pleasure to start, something well overdue. I am a boylesque performer, writer, sexual educator and give different sorts of therapy. This is the perfect fit for me and I'm excited to see who fits perfect with me.I am an open book and have years of training in many different facets of life. I have a serious lust for life and love spreading happiness and lustiness to every inch of the earth. I'm trained in circus, burlesque, sex, energy work and am so excited to help the world. This is the first step. I want someone to help me reach my goals and truest potential. Let me know what I can do for you. We will rub each others back and I'm sure other things as well. I desire a man or woman who knows how to please. Wants to impress, so i can do the same. Traveling has been my dream. I want to see the world and laugh on every inch of the planet. I am like the Dark Phoenix (Marvel superhero) I've risen from the ashes and have discovered whom I could be if I had the wind behind my sails. That wind is you. Take me.Here i am, yours to do with what you please. Tell me. What do you want? What are you looking for? Your eyes have fallen upon me. I might as well show you what I got. xoxXxox,Jesse Marvel

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Jan 292015

Hey to everyone I'm coming back starting tomorrow night sorry for waiting so long i've been waiting for a while to figure when it was the right time to come back but i feel now is better than any other time it will take time to get back up to where i was before I still have the goal of going to Orlando. well the dream anyways the nice warm place I can't wait and i also can't wait for tomarrow now that i have worked out and feel stronger than ever for the past couple of weeks i think you guys would really love the differnce, I never really showed myself on here where I didn't work out though I still have the same dream to be a go go boy as well this time i feel more positive than ever to ge to it and would love to show some of you the new dance moves i have learned though out the months with the last couple of months I got a job working with meat whitch i fine ironic with my thing saying I came for the hotdogs and thats another thing i work with I'm saving up and would love some more help I've been whatching tons of motivational speakers so words and people don't really bother me or can stop me dead in my tracks so again I hope to see all my old fans and as well new fans and we can catch up for all the time that spent away :)

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