Nov 232014

Hey guys sorry iv been away for so long I havnt had the time to give to you and for that I am sorry. But I'm back and I'm ready to get my flirt on rub my nuts flex my muscles and do what I can to give you what your after. Iv missed you all so much I forgot how much of a thrill it is to do this and how much of a confidence booster it really is. Had my first session this morning but it was a lil awk because I had people around my house so had to keep it pg. I dont really use sex toys oftern but I have have a couple times and it dose make me feel more dirty. Sorry to ramble just after those power points =p. I have decided to quit judo because it appears I'm a quitter pritty dun really. Im just exusted from working 6 days a week with a 3 year old and all that. Then again all this makes my life great and being able to talk to you guys it's just great. I would recommend this to anyone. It dosnt matter what you look like there's always gunna be some people looking for you ;p. See you online sexy people

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Jack Danger: Sore

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Nov 232014

Fellow exercise enthusiasts: Have you ever worked out so hard that you wish you had been hit by a truck rather than feel the way that you do? Being someone who exercises very frequently, this is a pretty difficult thing for me to pull off, but damn have I ever accomplished it this week. It's actually a little bit refreshing to know that I'm still able to push myself to points that leave me sore the next day. But at the same time, I would like to be able to go from standing to sitting without feeling like I got drunk with Mike Tyson and invited him to punch me in the stomach several times.Luckily, today I am not feeling nearly as sore as yesterday. I actually pretty much couldn't even come on here yesterday as I knew that if I had to do any movement beyond standard playing with myself, I would be out of luck, because moving my torso in any way was a bit of a chore.That having been said, I'm back to about 90-95% and have a much better range of movement now. So it's also nice to see that even as I push close to 30, my body still bounces back relatively quickly. I need to make the best of it while that's still the case, because I know that the days of that being the case will not last forever.

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Nov 232014

I have been awarded a new badge for making it to the Top 10 percent, 5 times! This is really good news because, if you have been keeping up with my blog posts, then you are well aware of my intention to climb my way to the Top 20 of active model performers! Earning this new badge is validation of my efforts and, of course, your generous support. So, appropriately, I owe you a grand THANK YOU! There's absolutely no way I could have achieved this without your help and encouragement. But make no mistake- our journey is not over by any stretch of the imagination. This is where it starts to get really tough because there is still a long way to go to make it to where I would like to be and for that I am going to call on you to continue with your encouragement and support- in whatever way you can do so.For those of you who would like to support me but are not sure how you can do so I offer a few suggestions to keep the ball rolling: Tips, Power Boost points, Virtual Gifts, watching my VOD's, even writing a brief review in my Model Bio helps (and costs nothing but a quick moment of your time).As always, I thank you.

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Nov 222014

Today at 9 pm, yours truly will be participating in a private party dancing for the largest crowd my bar will probably ever see. The birthday boy will get to walk me on my leash and collar while whipping me for being a bad puppy. Maybe if I behave I can get my belly scratched or a pat on the head...or he'll take me home and let me shove 7 inches of the greatest pleasure he's ever gonna have. I'm sure he'll want some of this puppy biting, slapping ass, and drilling him until he blows his load so hard all over my chest. But one can fantasize, I'm there to be live entertainment for his friends and family. And I get to act like the star of the show for just one day.

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Nov 222014

Hello cyber world. Im Jimmy Rustler or JR for short. Very new to the webmodel scene. I have a good reason for being here, other than making money. I want to show the world the diversity the human form can take. Im a female-to-male transexual (FtM). That means I was assigned female at birth but transitioned to male. My journey has been a long process and its still not over. Im trying to save up for chest reconstructive surgery. Its going good so far. Each proceed is going twords that cause. THe other night was my first time streaming, it was pretty fun but Im still learning how this all works. I hope to gain a better perspective as well as friendships :)

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